It’s a Wrap!! Lipofirm Body Wraps now available in The Lily Pad

We are pleased to announce yet another new treatment exclusively to our clinic and to The Lily Pad.Introducing The Lipofirm Wrap and Patch,banish your fat and cellulite with a Lipofirm Wrap!

This advanced system uses phospholipids which is massaged into the body in a stimulating and hydrating solution.Phospholipids then burrow down into the fat cells causing puncture holes which act as drainpipe points for fatty acids,glycerol and water and inturn flattening and destroying fat cells.

Clients report instant inch loss which will continue to reduce for 48hrs after treatment too. Course of six recommended,treatment can be carried out every seven days.Great prep for an upcoming occasion or to kick start a healthy lifestyle. For more information click here

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