Kangen Water Testimonial

We received the following email from a client that suffers from Psoriasis who decided to try the 21 day free Kangen Water trial here at Eden..

Here’s what she had to say..

“My name is Jillian from Roscommon,I have suffered with psoriasis for years and have tried every lotion,potion and treatment over the years.I read about Kangen Water on Lucy’s Eden Skin and Laser page and decided to give it a try.I’ve been drinking the water and using the strong acid water and the beauty water directly on my psoriasis.I simply spray it on and off  I go,it’s very easy to use,no rubbing and waiting around.I can’t believe the difference on my skin,no more red,angry patches.I can now wear short sleeves with confidence for the first time in many years.It’s given me a whole new lease of life.I would highly recommend Kangen Water and I intend to continue using it on my skin and drinking it.Many thanks to Lucy at Eden Skin and Laser Clinic for introducing me to this wonderful water”

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