Eden Wedding Packages

Bride & Mother at Eden

Here at Eden we are offering a series of great packages for your special day… something to make all the important ladies feel special! Our package deals include Brides, Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride.

To Have and to Hold—Bridal Package

6 months before wedding
Laser Hair Removal—Underarms & Any Bikini Area
3 Microdermabrasions
3 Bioline Facials
Package €920 (Usually €1380)
Save €460

Here Comes the Bride—Bridal Package

3 months before wedding
3 AdvanceMicrodermabrasions
1 Bioline Facials
1 Teeth Whitening
Package €419 (Usually €589)
Save €170

I Do—Bridal Package

1 month before wedding
1 Advanced Microdermabrasion
1 Bioline Facial
1 Teeth Whitening
Package €239 (Usually €369)
Save €130

Here Come the Girls—Bridesmaid Package

3 Bridesmaids
1 Advanced Microdermabrasion &
1 Teeth Whitening per Bridesmaid
Package €567 (Usually €807)
Save €240

Mama Mia—Mother of the Bride Package

6 weeks before wedding
6 Bioline Facials—1 per week
Package €450 (Usually €660)
Save €210


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