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What we eat impacts so much on our well being and eventually on our skin.Getting the correct Nutritional Advice and guidance can help with

  • Weight loss/Gain/Maintenance
  • Mental health-Anxiety,Stress,Depression
  • Digestive Disorders-IBS,Bloating,Poor absorption
  • Hormonal Health-Menopaus,PMS,Fertility
  • Pregnancy and Child Nutrition
  • Skin conditions,Acne,Eczema,Psoriasis
  • Food intolerances/Allergies
  • Cholesterol and Blood pressure
  • Joint Pain-Arthritis,Osteoporosis
  • Immunity Boosting.

Food Intolerance Testing & Holistic Nutrition is now available here at The Lily Pad and you have the added benefit of two Therapists with differing methods of testing food intolerance.

Siobhan Durkin (BBs,Dip Nut,ITEC Dip Kinesiology,TFH,ITEC Dip A&P)

Siobhan from SD Holistic Nutrition Clinic is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist,who runs a successful Clinic incorporating Therapies including TFH and Kinesiology.Providing one to one consultations,Siobhan is passionate about educating her clients on the benefits of incorporating good nutrition into their lives,in order to achieve optimal health encompassing healthy weight,high immunity,abundant energy,healthy skin amongst others.

Through TFH and Kinesiology,Siobhan can identify through the body’s own feedback mechanism by the skill of muscle testing,where imbalances occur in the body,this is a non-invasive therapy,with instant results.Kinesiology and TFH will identify the following

  • Food Allergies/Intolerances
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies

An imbalance of any of the above will lead to an overall poor functioning system and will lead to various side affects occurring.Kinesiology and TFH aims to identify and correct the root cause,enabling the body to work efficiently.

To make an apppointment to see Siobhan at her next clinic at The Lily Pad please call 086-8870909

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Cathriona Hodgins BSc (Hons)Dip.N.T,MNTOI.

Cathriona’s more scientific approach to food intolerance testing appeals to many in that the test involves a simple finger prick blood test that evaluates over 50 common foods with results available within a week.

According to Cathriona

“Food intolerances are real and very common,affecting more than 40% of us and they often involve more than one food.Some arise quickly,like bloating,irritable bowel symptoms or acid reflux,blocked or runny nose,or inflamed and itchy skin.Others take days to build up,making it harder to spot the food connection,for example fluid retention,frequent tiredness,migraines,joint pains,psoriasis or eczema.

Leaky gut is the root cause of food intolerances so while eliminating the offending foods will help reduce symptoms healing the gut wall is important too.Poor diet,medication and stress all result in leaky gut where food molecules can pass through the gut wall leading to symptoms of food intolerances”

Cathriona’s case studies

Mary,a recent client removed wheat from her diet and it alleviated her Diverticulitis symptoms.Adam lost a stone and gained energy from removing cow’s milk and wheat,while Joanne’s acne significantly improved when she removed eggs.

Cathriona can be contacted on 0876355643 regarding making an appointment here at The Lily Pad.



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