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Don’t be afraid to Smile, get a brighter, whiter smile in just minutes……..

We at The Pearly Parlour specialise in carrying out Cosmetic Teeth Whitening procedures. By offering a stand alone “Self-Treatment” in clinic consisting  often referred to as a ‘laser’ treatment and/or the provision of a customised tray home kit – The Pearly Parlour provides a treatment that is affordable, effective and safe.

Please note, the term ‘laser’ is commonly used when describing this type of teeth whitening however the light that we use is a cold light emitting diode (L.E.D) which we favour because not only is it very effective but (because it works without any heat) it causes much less sensitivity than some other systems commonly used by both non-dentist and dentist teeth whiteners alike.

What is a “Self-Treatment”?

This is a simple and effective way to whiten your teeth.

What happens during a treatment in The Pearly Parlour?

After prepping your teeth with a finger wipe and some prep(to remove any external staining) you’ll open a Self – Treatment tray and place it in your mouth.(Your therapist may assist you if necessary)The whitening gel is already in the tray and will treat the top and bottom of your teeth at the same time.The cool LED light with activate the gel to break down into oxygen bubbles and water and the oxygen bubbles will penetrate into the teeth through the tiny pores in the tooth enamel to lift out the staining.This staining could never be removed by brushing alone.

How long will the Self-Treatment take?

The entire process takes 40mins for optimum results,with the option of returning for a 20min top up treatment.

Will the self-treatment hurt?

Our whitening gel does not contain any hydrogen peroxide and so will not cause any tooth sensitivity.The whole self-treatment should be comfortable,the most you are likely to feel is a tingle on the tongue and gums,that’s all.If you have been particularly enthusiastic when you prep your teeth with the powder you might find that the gums feel slighty irritated after the treatment(a bit like you’ve brushed too hard)but even in this case the gums will be fine in a day or so.

Will I look like Simon Cowell??

No (you might feel this good or bad!) When people’s teeth look too white to be real they are most certainly veneers.Our self-treatments will remove staining to help bring your teeth back to their natural whiteness but they won’t look artificial.On average people’s teeth lighten by 8-12 shades and the darker the teeth are to start with the more of a difference you will see.

After the treatment.

It is very common for small white marks that are always on the teeth but perhaps not noticeable to show up after the self-treatment.They can look like dots or lines or patches.They are nothing to worry about and will only be noticeable for around 4 days after the self treatment.

Can anyone have a self-treatment?

Most people can.You shouldn’t use this product if:

  • You are a pregnant or breast-feeding mum.
  • You have an untreated dental problem
  • You are under 18
  • You are epileptic.

How long will the results last?

This depends on your lifestyle and whether or not you use the home-maintenance products

How often should I have a self-treatment?

If you use the recommended maintenance products you’ll probably want to come back once every 9-12 months for a self-treatment.If you don’t then you’ll benefit from a visit every 2-3 months.

Ok so I’m not suitable or I haven’t time for an in clinic self-treatment,are there any options?

Yes and no,provided you are not pregnant/breast feeding or an untreated dental problem.We have the option of a take home kit ,The Smile Box,together with home care products.With these you can carry out a self-treatment at home,you will still achieve excellent results but slower than an actual in clinic treatment.We also provide a mouth mould fitting service where we can provide custom made impressions for you to use at home.

What are the prices?

Self-Treatment in clinic €129

The Pearly Package(In-house Mouth Moulding kit + teeth whitening gel) €200

The Platinum Pearly Package(Self-Treatment and Mouth Moulding) €289.00

At home moulding kit €160.00

Smile Box €50.00

Please note..Our teeth whitening system is fully EU compliant and is approved by The General Dental Council.However,We are not dentists, and nor do we hold ourselves to be dental professionals. We do not diagnose dental problems, carry out dental procedures or advise clients on dental issues, We provide cosmetic teeth whitening treatments by a fully qualified Therapist and advise on home care products to achieve ongoing results.The treatments we provide can only be administered after you have had a check up with your dentist to ensure that your teeth are healthy and suitable for a whitening treatment.


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