Coolifting Cryogun

Coolifting CryoGun – Safe Fast Efficient 

What happens?

The Coolifting Cryogun uses non-invasive administration of active ingredients by means of CO2 pulses at high pressure and low temperature.

When using the combination of very high pressure and low temperatures,the active ingredients effectively saturate and are absorbed into the skin.

Other benefits include;

Paradoxical Vessel-Motricity – Where the blood vessels are simultaneously contracting and dilating.

Exponential Cryo & Baropheresis – pressure wash the system for the circulation

Thermal shock – increasing the simultaneous contraction and dilation of the blood vessels

Carboxytherapy – when Carbon Dioxide is detected in the skin tissues it induces a trick reaction from the body.The macrophages remove all traces of the Carbon Dioxide and there will be a supercharged release of Oxygen to counteract against the Carbon Dioxide.

Replenish Natural Hyaluronic Levels – as the serum molecules diffuse through the epidermis,they swell and replenish the natural hyaluronic levels already existing within the skin.As we age the natural production of hyaluronic acid slows down causing the skin to become dryer and form lines and wrinkles.Also the production of collagen and elastin is similarly stimulated during Coolift treatments to help the skin become more supple and smooth.

How does this happen?

The high pressure and thermal shock to the skin causes a deep and instantaneous reaction to the skin.The blood vessels simultaneously contract and relax bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area whilst assisting the removal of waste products.

When the blood cells are exposed to high concentrations of Carbon Dioxide,they flip their conformation.The well documented “Bohr” effect explains that the red blood cells will release their oxygen content to counteract the Carbon Dioxide,as a result of a rise in the ph level. The result is that the facial tissues are left oxygenated and look luminous and healthy.

The serum molecules which are sprayed onto the face,begin to diffuse through the epidermis.The molecules start to swell and replenish the natural hyaluronic levels,which plumps up the skin from below and softens and flattens the fine lines and wrinkles.

What does this mean for the face?

Improved skin elasticity,improved circulation,encourages collagen production and repair,improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and destroys localised fatty deposits.


The Coolift Gun bombards the facial tissues with a powerful CO2 flow,combined with a serum Hyaluronic Acid.

The Thermal shock stimulates the underlying tissues.When the skin experiences a sudden drop of temperature,it causes a deep and instantaneous dermis reaction.

The cold temperatures causes simultaneous blood vessel constriction and dilation.

Using the combination of cold with the high pressure applied on the epidermis causes a strong penetration and increases its effects.

The high pressure of the microcirculation induces collagen and elasticity,it also increases tissue oxygenation.

The molecules of the serum diffuse through the epidermis and begin to swell,causing the fine lines and wrinkles to flatten and soften.

The lasting effect – it causes the dermis to regenerate,improves the skin texture and quality and it is an intense collagen stimulation.

What can be expected from a Coolifting treatment?

  1. An immediate lifting effect,which means eliminating the superficial wrinkles,reduction of deep skin-folds and skin smoothing.
  2. A rejuvenating effect,visible by an intense collagen and elastin stimulation,dermis regeneration and skin texture improvements.

Coolifting is designed to easily treat facial wrinkles,both the expression ones and the gravitational ones,eyes outline,forehead,frown,cheeks and lips zone.

Coolifting has been totally developed in Barcelona by a team that has combined state of the at technology with excellence,thus delivering this revolutionary system.

A Coolifting treatment provides an intense treatment for the skin similiar to high intensity work out for the skin structures and functions.

Amazing results are seen after just one treatment,but a course of treatments is advised.

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