Injectable Treatments

Ant-aging Treatments at Eden Skin & Laser Clinic

Say ‘Laters’ to Aging

When we are born our skin is supple and soft,but as we age,the skin begins to lose its ability to retain hydration and begins to wrinkle,more noticeably around the face. Environmental factors such as over exposure to the sun and cigarette smoke accelerate aging. As we age our skin becomes thinner, drier and less elastic. We beging to notice fine lines around the areas of most activity in our face,noticeably around the eyes, nose or mouth. As time progresses so do the wrinkles which become deeper and the skin sags. Skin loses fat, collagen and elastin, glands embedded in the skin system decline and deplete causing dryness and broken skin. This imbalance has a further knock on effect, Melanocytes tend to cluster in areas most exposed to the sun (face, decolletage, backs of hands) causing dark brown patches known as liver or age spots to appear.

At Eden Skin & Laser Clinic we are saying ‘Laters’ to aging with our menu of Anti-aging treatments to address all the above signs of aging.

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